Joy and Grief

Today, I should be seriously happy. My latest book, Omission, is finally out, and I'm so thrilled to share it with the world. As I got online this morning to start work for the day and get some things done I didn't get done yesterday, I was slapped in the face. A little boy, Rowan … Continue reading Joy and Grief

The Absent-Minded Author

I've been busy at work on the website this week, and as I was going through my posts and making sure things are looking good, I realized something: I NEVER FORMALLY ANNOUNCED I WAS STARTING A PODCAST! So, in the category of better-late-than-never, I started a podcast! If you're following me on Facebook, you already … Continue reading The Absent-Minded Author

The Things You Do as an Author

Over the weekend, we had some family in town. In the quiet times, when one member was reading, and another was Facebooking, I was trying to squeeze some editing in. I grabbed my 3-ring binder with Launching Justice in it, made sure I had my spiral-bound notebook inside it for making notes for its sequel, … Continue reading The Things You Do as an Author

Insight into the Author: Editing

Every author has a favorite stage of the process. Some hate drafting, but love editing. Some love marketing and the pre-publication process (although I think they're a pretty strange breed!) I happen to be one who loves the actual writing, but grudgingly accepts that editing has to happen. I'm really bad about it because I'll … Continue reading Insight into the Author: Editing

Revisting a Classic: A Third Time Review of Pride and Prejudice

Earlier this week, I finished what has become an annual re-reading of the classic, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Two years ago, I decided that re-reading this book, which has since become my favorite book of all time, would be something I could do that I could look forward to. Although I read the … Continue reading Revisting a Classic: A Third Time Review of Pride and Prejudice