The Darby Shaw Chronicles (in story order)

The Box SetboxDarby Shaw 1-3 - ebook

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No capes required.

What if…

Murder victims didn’t have to die?

The identity of a killer could be 100% certain, regardless of the evidence?

The one person who would do this was a cop, with law and justice first in her mind?

When Darby Shaw’s calm world is turned upside down, she wonders how her new abilities to bring the dead back to life will affect her life’s desire to become a detective. But being a detective–for homicide, no less–is the least of her worries when the agency in charge of monitoring superhumans takes a heightened interest in her one-of-a-kind abilities. Together with her new partner, Mark Herman, Darby must explore the limits of her powers and confront those who would misuse them.

What if…murder doesn’t have to mean forever?

Features the first three books in the series, and includes an exclusive short story, Pursued! All books in The Darby Shaw Chronicles includes a copy of THE SUPERHUMAN BILL OF RIGHTS.

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Book 1

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While Officer Darby Shaw, Kansas City Bendex Police Department, awaits her detective’s exam results, she’s sent to the scene of a domestic disturbance. Instead, she finds the wife dead—and her killer husband not twenty feet away.

Taking the suspect into custody turns into a life and death struggle for Darby, and for the dead woman who returns to life with no apparent explanation besides Darby’s touch. Sequestered in a hospital room, cut-off from colleagues, friends, and family, Darby learns that several government agencies are vying to take her into custody.

Can Darby fight the law she’s devoted her life to when it’s her freedom on the line? But the bigger question hanging over her head: Can she resurrect the dead again?

Emergence is a 25,000 novella, or about 80 pages.

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Book 2

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A year after Detective Darby Shaw finds out she is a superhuman who can revive the murdered, she has uneasily accepted the expectations on her and settled into the new direction of her life, although she’s not sure she likes it.

Darby’s relative peace is shattered when, a year to the day after her first resuscitation, the 37-year-old killer in the case turns up dead in his jail cell—his body withered to that of an aged man. Speculation mounts that Darby and her powers are directly responsible for the death of the killer.

The Department of SuperHuman Affairs attempts to revoke her status as a super so they can whisk her off for testing without being bound by the SuperHuman Bill of Rights. But when a motion for just that is denied by the court, even Darby will be surprised at just how far they will go to get their hands on her…

Retaliation is a 42,000 word novella, or about 140 pages.

Book 3

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Surviving a kidnapping is not for the faint of heart, as Darby Shaw knows all too well. Two months after being rescued, she’s starting to get things back to a new normal. She’s making changes, subtle though they may be, doing what she can to move on.

Her latest case is just the thing Darby needs to keep her mind off the recent past: Justin Kendrick, paraplegic, is dead. Being poisoned, strangled, and stabbed through the heart seems like overkill. Together with her partner, Detective Mark Herman, and colleague, Sergeant Trent Oliver, Darby must track down Justin’s killer.

But after the resuscitation, all hell breaks loose, and Darby is unprepared for the consequences of her powers…

Or how they will affect her…

Capitulation is a 65,000 word novel, or about 215 pages.


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Book 4

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Raising the murdered is a heavy responsibility…

It’s been three years since police Detective Darby Shaw found out she’s a superhuman who can revive the murdered. In that time, she and the Department of SuperHuman Affairs have had a tumultuous relationship. But when one of their agents ends up dead in her jurisdiction, Darby must set aside her hate in order to pursue justice, especially with the Department hostile to her and Mark.

Mark Herman, her partner, is still reeling from the revelation Darby kept secret for two years: he’s not normal, but neither is he a superhuman. Angry, hurt, and confused, he wars with himself—is she worth the trouble? When new department psychologist and empathic super William Young makes moves on Darby, Mark must face his own jealousy—and try not to piss off Darby in the process.

The Last First DateThe Last First Date

Book 4.1

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Two weeks after the events in “Omission,” Mark Herman and Darby Shaw are finally able go on their first date. But things aren’t all gumdrops and roses as their plans go awry almost as soon as the date begins. Can they get past the disasters, or will this be their last first date?

“The Last First Date” is the perfect companion to “Omission”, and is a short story of 10,000 words.


Book 4.2

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Darby Shaw hasn’t exactly had the easiest few weeks.

Her partner dying in her arms, only to revive him the following day, and then agreeing to date him…not exactly normal. But realizing that they have the power to connect telepathically with each other, well that requires training to harness properly.

Which is exactly what Darby and her partner/boyfriend, Mark Herman, are doing.

Until Mark inadvertently transfers his memories of sleeping with her best friend, Genova, before they got together.

Darby could deal with the knowledge. But seeing it isn’t something she’s prepared to deal with.

Mark knows he screwed up, but can there be a way to make it right? If he can’t, Darby’s friendship with Genova might be fractured…forever.


VOID_ebookEchoes in the Void

Book 1 – The Shadowed Sol

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Her best friend shouldn’t be missing.

But desperate times call for desperate detectives.

When Tamryn shows up in the office of down-on-his-luck detective Bridger Heidemann, he’s eager to take the case. A paycheck coming from the city’s wealthiest woman? Who could turn that down? The case of Tamryn’s missing best friend Cora shouldn’t be difficult, despite the fact she went off planet. But when lead after lead hits a dead end, Bridger is forced to leave Earth to find his quarry.

There’s just one catch:

Tamryn insists on coming with him, and she’s sexy as hell.

She’s also bound and determined to get Bridger to break his number one rule about clients: he won’t sleep with them.

With trouble following them to every space station, Bridger’s main concern should be tracking down Cora, not staying out of Tamryn’s bed.

As the flight to finding Cora gets more dangerous, will the pressure force Bridger to succumb to Tamryn’s feminine wiles?



Family Reunions Are Murder
is published at Over My Dead Body! Online Mystery Magazine, April 2012 issue.

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