A Call For Freedom


It’s something many Americans celebrate during the month of July, usually corresponding with our Declaration of Independence Day, July 4. Many honor the real reason behind the day off from work, but many view it as a day to barbeque, go to the lake, get drunk, and maybe watch some fireworks.

As I watch many of our freedoms dissolve for a variety of reasons, I like to think the Founders–the Thomas Jeffersons, James Madisons, George Washingtons, John Hancocks–would be appalled at the state of American “freedom” in 2011. Our “freedom” allows millions of innocent babies to be murdered every year. Our “freedom” is being told we must purchase health insurance. Our “freedom” demands more than 25% of our paychecks every year.

I could go on.

Photo by JackieMBarr

I don’t like to use my Word Wanderings blog as a platform to make a political statement. In fact, in the 2+ years I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve tried very hard to keep my political leanings OFF the blog. This is extremely hard as I approach my twentieth year of political involvement next year.

I’m not making an exception simply because the ChristianWriters.com blog chain topic is Freedom for July. I am continually bothered by the freedoms that are being encroached on day in and day out. Because I don’t want to get legally groped at an airport, I don’t fly any more. I’ve been threatening to get my private pilot’s license for years, and if I had the dinero to do so, I’d have it.

Freedom is something to be treasured. It should be something honored, and others shouldn’t trample on it, whether they be for so-called “good” reasons or not. As Americans, we should fight all efforts to thwart our freedoms, whether they be from Islamic terrorists or from members of congress. When freedom is gone, we perish. To thrive as a people, as a nation, we need to be free.

As a mother, I want to leave my kids freer than I feel I am now. It would be the greatest gift I can give to them.

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