The Things You Do as an Author

Over the weekend, we had some family in town. In the quiet times, when one member was reading, and another was Facebooking, I was trying to squeeze some editing in. I grabbed my 3-ring binder with Launching Justice in it, made sure I had my spiral-bound notebook inside it for making notes for its sequel, … Continue reading The Things You Do as an Author

A Punch In the Gut

Everyone needs a punch in the gut once in a while. Whether it's physical or mental, something that brings you back to reality is never a bad thing.I got my own slap in the face last week. I was lamenting (okay, I was whining) to a writer friend that even though I'd "improved" my query, … Continue reading A Punch In the Gut

My Book Is Done… Now What?

Photo by Liberty SpeidelSo, you've finished your novel. Congratulations! What an amazing step.After you've been through many revisions, pulled your hair out, and agonized over every line, character, and location setting, you may think you're ready to send out your novel.Close. Have you formatted it correctly, though?What's this, you say? What's formatting??I'll give my heart … Continue reading My Book Is Done… Now What?

Should I Hire a Freelance Editor

Today's post was originally posted at Lit Agent Rachelle Gardner's blog, Rants & Ramblings (March 25, 2010). Enjoy!Lately more and more people have been asking me if they should hire an editor prior to submitting to agents. Here's my take:Using a freelance editor can be a great idea - if you use it as a … Continue reading Should I Hire a Freelance Editor

Keep an Eye on the Stupid Things

Through the experience of submitting work to agents/editors and having work submitted to me as a free-lance and PYP editor (and from having a friend/crit partner/mentor who knows all), I’ve learned some interesting points. Most of them you can find on any good blog or website, but few folks write about the “stupid things” that … Continue reading Keep an Eye on the Stupid Things

Hidden Framework

I love documentaries.Okay, stay with me. This really does have something to do with writing.I particularly love documentaries about film making. As a J-school grad, I was required to do my time in the radio and TV departments to get my degree. And, for fun, I took a non-required course in Film Theory. Part of … Continue reading Hidden Framework