About Liberty

Photo by jsInnovations Photography
Photo by jsInnovations Photography

Forced at the age of 10 to read a Nancy Drew book, I became a lifelong book lover that day. Before that, I hated reading. Since then, I have read countless books, primarily mysteries, and have a very healthy, and maybe slightly unwieldy personal library.

I began writing around the age of 14 when I decided that the distributors of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys novels weren’t putting them out fast enough. Initially, I wanted to try ghostwriting for those series, but eventually shifted into creating my own books. Since then, I’ve written several unpublished novels that have all helped me become a more skilled writer–and will never see the light of day.

In college, I obtained a Journalism degree, but because of my conservative views, decided that the press was probably not the best place for me. I married right after college to the only man I ever dated. We’ve been married for over a dozen years now, and have a daughter, a son, and a rambunctious chocolate Labrador.

I currently write mysteries and science fiction, though I hope to write a political thriller in the vein of Vince Flynn one of these days. When I’m not writing, reading, drinking copious amounts of Earl Grey tea, or tending to my family, I’m most likely watching Star Wars, Bones, or Castle, baking, or hiking. My family and I reside in Kansas, of which, I’m a lifelong resident–and proud of it.


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    1. I don’t do a ton of reviews on the blog anymore, I just don’t have much time for them. I *do* do reviews over at AuthorCulture.blogspot.com every couple months, but it would depend on the type of book as I tend to focus on writing books exclusively on that blog.


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