ROUND 2! Name the Character Contest

Hello again!

A few weeks ago, I posted a contest to name the captain in Darby Shaw’s world. And I was thrilled with the response! I had a lot of great entries, and I think these are my favorites.

Our entries are:

Stanley Moustakas (submitted by Paula Askren and Steve Mathisen.)
Samuel Kimsey (submitted by Natalie Smoot)
Daniel Quinto (submitted by Heather A. Titus)
Stanford Xavier Heliopoulos (submitted by Deborah Cullins Smith–thanks for finding one I can barely pronounce, by the way, but it’s fun to try!)
Rutherford Octavius Blackwater (submitted by ladyelasa)

So, you get to vote once every 3 hours until midnight Central Daylight time on September 15, 2015. The winner(s) of the contest will receive an e-version of The Darby Shaw Chronicles box set (or they can designate a recipient if they already own it) and they will receive a copy of Darby’s next book, autographed, once it’s released. They will also be acknowledged in the back of the book.

May the best name win!

Please: share your thoughts!

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