Murder Down the Street

This week has been an INSANELY busy week for me. I’ve been exhausted because of it. Even so, on Monday afternoon, as I was heading home from an appointment, my curiosity was piqued by a site: a police car sitting in the driveway of a house about a half mile from my own.

My first thought: why would they be running radar from there, and did they get permission from the homeowner?

See, it’s across the street from a parking lot where I FREQUENTLY see cops running radar. No big deal to me–I’m always turning onto the road a block away, and there’s no way I’ve even come close to reaching the 35 MPH speed limit by the time I pass the radar-gun carrying officer.

But this Monday was different. As I was watching the evening news, I learned there’d been a murder in my town which had been discovered after a welfare check. The neighborhood looked like mine–I hadn’t caught the address.

Sure enough, it was the house I’d observed earlier in the day.

I didn’t know the victim, may not have ever seen him. And I’m not in fear for my life. Sure, the area of town I live in is slightly more likely than other areas to have violence of this sort, but this is only the 5th murder in my city this year–and three others made the national news because they were a mass shooting at the Jewish Community Center.

But, that’s not what I’m writing about, and I most certainly am not trying to insert myself into this tragedy.

As a mystery writer, I’ve been fascinated to watch the happenings at the house this week. Because of appointments and vacation Bible school for my daughter, I’ve had reason to go past there every day. I’ve also been very perplexed in my drive-by observations.

For instance, I’ve observed crime scene vans on sight for three days (Monday on the news, and Tuesday and Wednesday in person.) I’ve also spotted up to six vehicles on scene–some from the local PD, but others from the Sheriff’s office. More interesting, there’s always a police car parked in the driveway of the house, I presume protecting the scene.

This all has been making my little writer’s brain click away the last few days. I hope the police find the killer, and he or she is punished appropriately. But I can’t help but be a little grateful for this chance to observe from a distance.


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Until next time…

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