When did life get so hectic? I mean, really?

Between the fact that I’ve been spending a ton of waking hours working on writing projects, it seems everything else has been pushed to the wayside, up to and including normal housewife duties. TMOTH often asks what I managed to get done in any given day, and I give him a blank stare. How can I say that most of what I did involved editing, writing, outlining, etc.?

Oh well.

This week probably won’t be much different. However, there is one thing this week that’ll get me away from the computer.

First, two writing-related things happen this week.

The fabulous Jeannie Campbell, AKA, The Character Therapist, is going to have my male lead in my next publishable novel on the couch. I’m so excited! Back in October, she had Tamryn, my female lead, on the couch, so I’m really interested to see what she says about the hero and how they’ll interact together. Bridger’s couch time is slated for tomorrow, so be sure to check it out.

Thursday is to be the latest day at which I’ll learn whether Homebody made the first cut for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. I’m hopeful, but I don’t know what kind of competition I’m up against, either. Well, I take that back. I do know TWO of the novelists I’m up against–two of the members of my local critique group have also submitted. This part of the contest is all about pitch, which I’m a bit more confident about than the actual novel, just for the simple fact that I’ve had some recent critiques from a new critter that have already drastically revamped the first few chapters of the story. Oh boy.

And, finally, Friday… our little boy has his bone marrow biopsy, provided he doesn’t get sick. He gave TMOTH and me a cold in the last week, so hopefully, we don’t give it back!

I don’t know if I’ll give an update until next Monday about any of this, but we’ll see.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Hectic

  1. Yeah, her post is up! I couldn't wait to log in today to see if it was up yet. 🙂 Now, the hard part–incorporating it into the next draft, along with the corresponding info she gave me on the heroine last fall. I've got my work cut out for me because the heroine at least does almost the exact opposite when I need her to create more conflict! :/ Oh well. I'll get it figured out.


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