Operation: Enter a Contest

It’s 11:30 PM, and I just realized that yet again I missed blogging today. Ay-yi-yi! What’s wrong with me?!

Well, I’ll tell you what’s wrong with me.

The last two weeks, I’ve been on THE MISSION.

Yeah, you writers should know what I’m talking about. THE MISSION, which I chose to accept, was to whip my almost-ready novel into shape and submit it to — GASP! — a CONTEST.


I’ll have you know that today, Monday the 30th, I hit the “upload” button for probably the last time… and it’s gone on its way to the great reviewers at the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. (And I’m not lying when I say the reviewers are great–one of judges this year is Donald Maass–THE Donald Maass. You know, the one who has written so many great books on the craft of writing, the one who has his own literary agency?! W-O-W.)

For those who don’t know, the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest is a fairly big deal. There may be contests bigger. I’m not sure, to be honest. This was the first time I’ve every thought about sending in any of my work to a contest–and I got pushed into it by a friend from the great state to the south of mine. And, I know I don’t have an awesomely-high chance of winning. They’re accepting up to 5,000 entries. The first cut takes that number down to 1,000 (I’ll know if I make the cut just before my son’s BMB next month.) The second goes further still–to 250.

That means I have a 1 in 20 shot to making it through to the 2nd round. If I make it that far–heck, even if I make the first cut–I’ll be pleased. Quarterfinals are the top 50–a 1 in 100 shot. Yeah, if I get that far, you can pretty much guarantee my heart will stop. 😉

Anyway, this is starting to digress, and I apologize… it’s just I’ve never really done anything like this before! Sure, I’ve sent my work in to a handful of agents… sadly, I was ill-prepared, and did it a little too prematurely. Now, I think I may be ready, and I’m getting all jittery about the possibilities and options. Am I really ready? Really??? Do I get this thing out to agents’ inboxes, or do I wait and see if I pass the first cut or not?

There are too many questions… Ugh!

Of course, the lateness of this post probably doesn’t help… The more I think about it, the more uncertain I become.

Oh well. I’m sure I’ll feel different in the morning.

Until next time,


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