Life Gets In the Way

Over the last few months, I’ve found life getting more and more in the way of my writing. Yeah, I’ve kept up with my blog posts. I’ve sort-of kept up with my book reviews.

But my books? My plans to do freelancing? Eh, not so much.

Photo by ~in-door (not an actual representation of my bathroom)

This is frustrating for me. I hate feeling like I’m behind, even if it’s in my own mind. Yet, I look around my apartment, and see the floor that needs vacuuming, the boxes that still need unpacking (or better yet, taken to Goodwill or our storage facility), the bathrooms that need cleaning, and then I feel behind in my housework.

Yes, I realize I’m a mom.

Yes, I realize I’m a mom of a little boy who has some special needs. And a mom to a toddler. And a mom to a chocolate Labrador. And a wife to TMOTH.

But I still feel behind. Okay, I am behind.


Let’s face it right now: life will try to get in the way of your best laid plans. I didn’t think this time last year when I was newly pregnant with my son that my new home-away-from-home now would become the hospital. To date, my son has been admitted three times since November, the shortest stay being one night, the longest being seven days.


But in the midst of it all, I can still see my other priorities.

Sure, it would help if I got more cooperation from TMOTH. I’m not complaining; he’s as frustrated by everything as I am.

Photo by ~underawartorsky

But, it sure does help if I plan my day and try to work some of my priorities around the family priorities. For instance, I’m writing this blog post at 8:15 in the morning a couple weeks before it’s supposed to post. My husband’s at work, my kids are asleep. It’s going to snow later today, so we’ll be stuck inside. When I’m done with this, I’ve got another post to write, then, hopefully, I’ll get to do some editing on Homebody.

I’m having to train myself to be more of a morning person so I can get things done. Dr. Pepper helps tremendously!

Have you had to make changes in your own life to get done your goals? How has that worked for you? Do you regret it, or are you resigned to the fact that this is how it will be for a while?

Until next time,

4 thoughts on “Life Gets In the Way

  1. Oh, honey, I feel your pain! After taking care of others all last quarter of 2010, I got behind in my networking and social site posting. The ol' addage “out of sight, out of mind” kicked in against me–not a good thing when I have a book to promote. Now, I'm scrambling to catch up, and keep the house presentable, and take care of an ill mother through long distance, and keep hubby and cats fed, fat and sassy, and prepare for my writing class and, and, and — well, you get the picture.

    I'll share a cup of coffee and a jar of sympathy with you.


  2. I admire you for even trying to write with little kids. I started when my kids were babies, then set it aside 'til they were teens.

    My hus. always says, “You can only do what you can do. God expects no more than that.”

    He is on your side, and He is proud of every little baby step you take!


  3. I like to think that everything works according to God's timing. I was writing for many years while I had small children, wondering if anyone would ever read what I'd written. I see now that God's timing is perfect. I would not have had the time to promote and market the way I can now. (I still don't have the time, but … 🙂 God sees your heart and your desires, but rest in the knowledge that He will only allow what you can handle at any given time.


  4. @Linda, you've got as much–or more going on than I do! We can lean on each other.

    @Jeanette, I've actually had several people in my local writing group marvel at what I do manage to get done with two kids underfoot. It doesn't seem like it's much to me, but to them it is. Go figure. :/

    @Tracy, very wise words. 🙂


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