December’s Update

I’m writing this a few days early, as I usually do. Today, Monday the 20th, is probably taking my family out of town on a job interview for my husband. (At the time of this writing, we’re debating on the whole family going, or just TMOTH.) I’m also about to move (finally!) so I’ll probably be brain-dead by Sunday night (the 19th.)


My life has tried very hard to get in the way of my writing. What should have been an obstacle–my son landing in the hospital Thanksgiving week–actually turned into a blessing writing-wise. With him stuck in the hospital for observation, and me with him, I had plenty of nearly-uninterrupted hours to write (and watch the Burn Notice marathon on USA Thanksgiving Day.) This at least got me jump-started, so now, most of the scenes I needed to work on with Homebody are down on paper. I’m hopeful that if I’m in the car today (Monday), I’ll be able to spend some time cleaning things up. As long as my brain’s not too dead. We’ll have to see about that one. 😉

When I have this all done, I’ll be sending the draft off to one last crit partner in Pennsylvania, and then working on tweaking/perfecting my query letter. Yea!

What’s up next after that? I haven’t decided yet. I need to do some editing on my other projects, however, I’m kind of burnt out on editing. I really need to do some writing again–a fresh project, whether it’s with new or old characters. I don’t care which, I just want something new. I’ve got several unfinished projects I could choose from, and some new ideas I’m playing around with, so I’ve got a lot to pick from! 

So, how about you? How are your current projects coming along? Have the holidays or life gotten in the way, or are you persisting through everything? 

Please: share your thoughts!

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