Exciting Announcement!

Wanted to let you, my lovely readers, know of an opportunity I’ve accepted that won’t impact my blogging here or the writing of my books.

Kristina over at Christian Children’s Book Review has offered me a position over there as a regular reviewer. I’m very excited to become a part of the team! I know not all my readers share my beliefs, though do drop over there and see what’s going on. Recently, they reviewed some of the Twilight series, and though I don’t read vampire books, I found the reviews enlightening.

Anyway, this is a new journey for me. I love to share my opinions–and have a lot of them–but having only recently decided that what amounts to a lengthy book review will be a regular part of Word Wanderings, I was a little surprised when Kristina asked me to submit some writing samples. I hope I can do a good job for CCBR!

Be sure to look for a new post on improving your writing on April 12th, and pick a copy of The Virgin of Small Plains by Nancy Pickard for April 26th’s book dissection. (You will love the book–even if you don’t like mysteries!)

Until next time,


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