Help Plan Word Wanderings!

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re having an eventful November, progressing on your NaNo projects (if you’re participating), and enjoying the fall, getting ready for Thanksgiving in a week. (Wow, is it REALLY time for Thanksgiving already? Amazing…)

I’m already thinking about topics for 2010, and would love to have your input! So far, I’m planning a roundtable in January on the topic of self-publishing, and have invited several successful self-published authors to join in this discussion. It’s looking quite interesting at this juncture! However, if you’re considering the self-publishing route, and you have any questions, I’d love to ask them of our authors. You can leave a note here in the comments, catch me at Twitter @Righter1, or message me on Facebook.

Also, any topics you’d like to see covered in 2010 will be taken under advisement. I’ve got a few posts planned (some even written!) but would love to know what YOU, my faithful reader, are looking for! Would you like more information on genre? ABA? CBA? Finding an agent? Something else? Let me know! The same methods above are the best ways to catch me.

Coming up next week, a guest post with Tanya Dennis who will share her thoughts on making a writing career and motherhood work together in harmony. You won’t want to miss this, even if you’re not a mother!

Until next time,

P.S., In case you’re curious about my NaNo progress, I’m currently at 33K for the month. I’m ahead by a day or two only, and am hopeful to increase that lead in the next few days to compensate for Thanksgiving hectic-ness (and yes, I’m pretty sure that’s NOT a word), and maybe get done before Nov. 30th! 🙂 LS.


4 thoughts on “Help Plan Word Wanderings!

  1. I have questions for the self-published:
    #1: Why did you chose to self-publish instead of going the traditional route?
    #What advantages or disadvantages to you see in self-publishing as to the traditional route?


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