Eight Truths About Me

My good friend, Linda Yezak from 777 Peppermint Place, has bestowed upon me (and this humble blog) its second ‘award’–the ‘Honest Scrap’. It’s a bit off the beaten path where this blog is concerned, since this blog is geared more towards writing than the writer, so I’ve been puzzling over this for a few days now, trying to decide A: who else to bestow this award to, and B: what to say, since I should reveal eight unknown or little known truths about me. I was planning a blog post somewhere down the line on my background as a writer, so I’ll try to stick to that.

1. My earliest recollection of actually writing was attempting to write an episode of my favorite cartoon at the time, Disney’s ‘Rescue Rangers’. I was maybe 6 or 7 at the time, and visiting my grandma’s house.

2. My first attempt to write a book was years later, when I was probably 13 or 14. I had become a voracious reader, and my main (read=only) source of entertainment was Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys. It was around this time I started out-pacing the rate at which they were being produced, so I decided to write my own story, and actually queried the publisher to see about becoming a ghostwriter! (They sent me a generic guidelines, no note.)

3. I began writing my own stories shortly after this, though they had a distinct ‘Drew’ feel to them, and the characters were based on me and my two best friends–even had their names, though not mine.

4. I didn’t realize you had to rewrite, and began querying after finishing a very rough draft.

5. I received my first rejection letters around the age of 15.

6. Although I was seeking a degree in journalism when I met him, my now-husband didn’t realize until several years after we married that I was actually a novelist.

7. I took a two to three year hiatus from active novel writing shortly before and after marrying.

8. Since picking up my novel writing again, I’ve written–and completed–at least four novels, and have started at least six more. Two of the completed ones are actively being edited/rewritten at this time and I personally feel they have a decent shot at publication…. one day.

Now, the challenge.

I’m going to challenge the following people to complete the same and receive this award.

They are:

1. Holly Heisey
2. Tommie Lyn
3. Tabitha Bird
4. K.M. Weiland
5. Lynn Mosher
6. Rita Betti
7. Maggie Woychik
8. MeganRebekah

Have fun with the challenge, ladies! I look forward to seeing who you nominate–and what you have to say!

3 thoughts on “Eight Truths About Me

  1. That's perfectly all right. I hadn't really thought about putting mine on FB, but I suppose I could have! πŸ˜€ Some blogs are more open for that kind of thing than others, and while I'm trying to keep this one on topic (because I could easily downward spiral if given the chance), it's kinda fun to share about oneself.


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