Welcome & make yourself at home!

Hey there!

This is a new blog that will focus on the topic of writing, especially of writing fiction. I hope you’ll find it informative, and hopefully, a little funny at times.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Liberty (yes, that’s my real name!), and I’ve been actively writing for about half my life. I’ve probably been writing longer than that, but became serious about it in my early-mid teens. Since that time, I’ve written and re-written at least 6 novels, and started others that are in various stages of editing/writing. None are published at this time, though I’m hoping to rectify that problem before too much longer.

I have several “open” projects right now, though the two that have my biggest focus are Cora’s Song, a futuristic suspense/romance set in 2117, and Homebody, a present day mystery/romance set in Kansas City. I prefer to write mysteries, though having had such influences as Nora Roberts and Janet Evanovich, I almost always have some element of romance in my stories.

My intention with this blog is to publish twice a month for a while, around the 1st & 15th, and to cover topics most applicable to writing fiction, though I do have a background in journalism, so there may be some crossover. Future blog entries are likely to include: characterization, believable settings, creating backgrounds, and story arcs. If you have suggestions for other topics, feel free to leave me a comment; I’d love to hear them!

In the meantime, welcome! Please be sure to leave me a note to let me know you’re reading, and enjoy!

— Liberty —

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